Application Development

We specialize in developing software application’s front-end/client side layer and developing software application’s back-end/server side, middle tier RESTful API, Relational and non-relational databases.

Team Enhancement

Our staff become an extension of our client teams, sharing the same time and all of them speaking English and Spanish. We are committed to the same standards and responsibilities as our clients expect.

Software Development

We are software engineers with a well-rounded set of skills to build all the layers of a software application from back to front-end using the correct methods, technologies and tools.

Managed Services

Nearshore Software Solutions understands the need for reliable and high quality IT support in any industry. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Mobile App Development

We work with highly trained UX/UI designers to bring you a stunning product without the headache of dealing with opposite time zones.


We have an expertise in testing automation, loading and stressing, tracing and performance issue detection.

Providing Quality Service

We take pride in our quality service in helping buisnesses find the right people to collaborate with their company.

Outsourcing In Your Time Zone

Stay balanced with your developments and IT. See the benefits of using nearshoring to improve response time, risk management and efficiency.

Reduce Costs

Nearshore Software Solutions allows your company to work more closely with your outsourcing which leads to greater productivity and LOWER COSTS.

Trusted Partners
& Reliable Results

We work with your team to develop a method as an implementation of agile/scrum to promote focus on business goals and delivering valuable functional software. We are also certified on CMMI Level 5 which provides best practices for statistical measured process performance and innovation.

What is CMMI? CMMI is a set of best practices organized by critical capabilities and skills required to produce high performance software projects as well as quality software. It is structural as a framework and staged in 5 levels which indicate a software provider maturity to deliver results. Level 5 indicates that a stable software development process is achieved and is statistically measured, project results are statistically predicted and a process continuous improvement mechanism is in place.

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