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AC Repair Houston

Hartford Services offers quality AC maintenance and repair services to residents in the Houston area. Our skilled technicians use the most up-to-date methods to maintain HVAC systems and fight the Texas summer heat.

Most homes have AC units connected to a forced air system which uses the same motor, blower and duct work to heat and cool the home. Hot air moves through the blower across the evaporator coil and is forced through the ducts to cool the house. These are just a few of the major components that often require repairs.

Some common AC problems experienced by homeowners include:

  • AC running, but not blowing cold air
  • Indoor blower / fan does not come on
  • Outdoor unit does not come on
  • Outdoor unit makes a noise but fan does not turn
  • Copper lines at outdoor unit are iced over
  • Drip pan overflowing
  • Water dripping from pipe outside the home
  • Uneven airflow in the home: individual rooms are too hot or too cold

Repair / Service calls typically include:

  • Checking freon charge
  • Checking outdoor unit fan
  • Check / Inspect
  • Check outdoor unit fan motor voltage and amperage
  • Inspect compressor terminals
  • Inspect capacitors/relays/contactors (outdoor unit electrical components)
  • Check running and starting amperage of outdoor unit
  • Inspect and tighten electrical connections
  • Inspect outdoor unit coil for cleanliness
  • Inspect thermostat
  • Lubricate outdoor unit blower motor (if applicable)
  • Inspect primary and overflow drain pans
  • Test primary and overflow drain lines
  • Inspect attic coil (if accessible)
  • Check for air leaks at heater and attic cooling coil
  • Inspect air filters
  • Inspect safety controls
  • Measure temperature drop across attic cooling coil
  • Inspect indoor blower motor/wheel
  • Check system for proper operation

Resetting the unit or replacing a blown fuse may be all that is needed to get your AC back up and running, while more complex repairs may require that several parts be replaced. No matter how simple or complex, Hartford Services will diagnose and repair your AC issues quickly and efficiently.

Check out our Preferred Treatment Plan for information on how regular maintenance checkups can detect problems at their onset, preventing costly repairs and saving you money.

We know how important it is to keep your home cool and your family comfortable. When you need quick, quality service, Hartford Services is the one to call.

We are available year-round to keep your unit running smoothly and to service all your AC needs. Request an Appointment today!

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