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Take Your AC to New Heights: Rooftop AC Units

Posted on Aug 14, 2014

Photo of AC on the roof

Normally you’ll see air conditioning units positioned one of two ways – either on the roof or on the ground. Rooftop AC units are typically for commercial use while AC units on the ground are for residential. But a growing number of homeowners in Stafford and around Texas are taking a cue from commercial businesses and enjoying the benefits of rooftop AC units.

Rooftop AC Units

The name is pretty much explains it all. A rooftop AC unit is situated on a roof and typically integrated into the ductwork. These AC units are designed to sit safely on a roof but require a different type of installation process that should be handled by the professional. Rooftop AC units are also self-contained, meaning the furnace and AC are combined to one unit.

Benefits of a Rooftop AC Unit

Installing an air conditioner on your roof helps sustain the life of the equipment. The benefits of a rooftop AC unit include:

  • Cleaner Operation – The downside to having an air conditioner on the ground is the potential for debris and dirt to get clogged in the system. With a rooftop AC unit, your unit is out of the way of dirt and leaves that can clog your system and prevent it from running efficiently.
  • Security –Having a rooftop AC out of the reach of vandals and away from potential problems, including tree limbs and children’s activities, will help keep it from getting its parts stolen or damaged.
  • Sound – Have you ever had to sleep in a room next to an air conditioner unit? It’s no fun. But with a rooftop system, you can get a quiet night of sleep. Outdoor units will inevitably make noise, but placing your AC unit on the roof, away from your bedroom’s windows, will keep that noise out of earshot.
  • Space – On average, your AC system will take up about six square feet of space. For homeowners with smaller yards, that’s big chunk of space. Using a rooftop AC unit will help you save space and keep your yard less cluttered.

Can My Air Conditioner Go On My Roof?

Roof-mounted AC units are popular with commercial properties, in part because they can efficiently cool large spaces and in part because they don't require any modifications to existing HVAC work. However, for residential properties in Stafford, TX, there are several things to consider before installing an AC unit to the roof of your home.

If you’re considering putting your AC unit on the roof of your home, hire a professional, trained technician to determine if your system and the structure of your house can support it. Before installation, a professional will factor in the weight of the air conditioner, the logistics of installing it on a slanted roof and any additional costs of installation.

Considering rooftop AC? Contact Hartford Services in Stafford, TX to schedule an appointment and find out if a rooftop AC unit is right for keeping your home cool and your air conditioning bills low.



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