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Furance Replacement in Houston

When the temperature begins to drop, you’ll start using your furnace a lot more to heat your home. Make sure that your furnace is up to task to handle fast-changing temperatures.

The average lifespan of most units is 20 years. In addition to its age, other signs that you might need a furnace replacement include:

  • Furnace needs frequent repairs
  • Your energy bills increase significantly
  • Uneven heating throughout the house
  • Humidity problems throughout the house

Hartford Services will inspect your unit to determine if a furnace replacement is necessary.

A new furnace can be a major investment. We provide estimates based on the type, brand, size and efficiency ratings of the unit. We include removal and disposal of your old furnace as well as any required changes to the ductwork, electrical panels, valves and thermostats. We stay up to date with all government and industry standards to provide the most modern parts and replacement procedures.

Have your furnace evaluated before the unit fails. Contact Hartford Services to request a furnace checkup.

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