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Carolyn P.
Your company rocks! You have the best customer service I have ever seen! You are truly a phone call away. Your response time is 10 minutes or less, with the most incredible staff. Sharon Kitchen is cordial, answers all of your questions, and makes you feel like family. Laura is great too! Howard and his crew did an incredible job installing a new system for my 86 year old mother’s home during the Easter holiday and at a very good price. You are a credible and reliable company and an example to others! I will continue to refer Hartford whenever I have the opportunity.

Rick & Babs M
Thank you so much for the great work you and your team of professionals did for us and our home.

Nancy B.
I called your office this morning around 8:30 requesting a plumber to install my new kitchen sink and connect the faucet. It was about 8:50 am when I received a message that a plumber was on his way to my house. Mr. Hopeton arrived shortly thereafter and began to work. I wanted you to know that I am very satisfied with the response and the work performed. Mr. Hopeton told me that your company also does electrical and heating and ac work. This is good to know because I do have some electrical issues that will need attention. Your company was recommended to me by my neighbor Dolores and you can be sure that I will be doing the same. Thank you for a job well done and also for a professional who treated me with utmost respect.

Tracy W.
Poor guy. I had a couple in here from 5 to 6:30 doing an insurance review and saving them lots of money. I had no idea how long Jose waited to talk to me to collect my signature and money. He was so polite not to interrupt. When I walked my clients out-there he was sitting quietly and waiting. I was shocked! I just wanted to let you know how polite he was. I told him he should have interrupted and he said no maam, I was cooling off anyways!

Kathy & Walter Syer
You did an outstanding job!!! We are blessed by having you to meet our air conditioning and heating needs and in the future plumbing and electrical.

James R.
Just a note to say that I have had 2 calls to your company, have been taken care of timely and efficiently, but would like to say that on 1/14/03 I was met at home and serviced by possibly the most well-mannered serviceman ever. He was polite, informative and it did this old man a world of good to see that there are still people who share that “positive attitude” with those they come in contact with. His name was Mitch – thank you for sending him.

Milton Z.
I wanted to thank you, Anita and especially Howard Wilson for repairing our heating unit. We have had five companies come out to inspect the heating unit because it would not stop running during cold weather. The service technicians for the first three companies said everything checked out fine. They recommended more insulation (which I installed in the attic), more return air (which I installed), but none of the above stopped the unit from running constantly. Our first electric bill was $480 during the first cold spell of December 2005.The fourth company that came out determined (after three hours of checking) that the thermostat was erratic “occasionally”. The fifth company that came out was Hartford Services. Howard Wilson the lead technician was helping Victor learn your company’s procedures in an extremely respectful manner. Howard listened to me explain the problems we are having and went directly to the problem, repaired it, then checked out all other functions of the heating unit, including the thermostat. Howard allowed me to look over his shoulder while he worked and explained what and why he was checking all other areas which could malfunction. He also pointed out a couple of areas in the breaker panel which I need to address with a licensed electrician. Howard’s skills and abilities exceeded my expectations of a technician dedicated to maintain the highest standards of handling the assigned task of repairing my heating unit. Mitch, I am thoroughly impressed with Howard Wilson. You should be proud to have him on your staff. I have been in the service business in management for 40 years and as soon as I met him I knew this man knew what he was doing. He treated me though I was a paying customer. All the other companies saw me a s dollar signs (44) on their work orders. Thanks for sending a “company man” to our house for service on the problem heating unit which no other technicians could repair. This customer is thoroughly satisfied.

Suzy S.
I just wanted to write to say how great Jose and Hartford have been in the past week with my new compressor and coils installation. The AC air inside is just great and I am so relieved to find Hartford! I will sign up for your annual preventive maintenance this next year. Thank you again for everything. I will always recommend Hartford to others! All of you give really great service!

John S.
One of best service contractors I have ever dealt with and I have been a home owner since 1977.

Rick & Babs M
Thank you so much for the great work you and your team of professionals did for us and our home.

Luke T.
Our A/C went out on a Friday Night so we called Hartford first thing Saturday morning around 7:00 am. They had a technician at my house within the hour to fix the problem. Manny checked out the whole system for me, changed the fan capacitor, and was done in no time. The charges were reasonable and all of the staff was courteous. Great job, I will not hesitate to call again when needed. Thanks Hartford and Thanks Manny!

Rob H.
I am not one to freely give excellent grades to a contractor. I am very, very satisfied with Hartford – a first class company in every aspect.

Yohanna J.
They were very helpful and understand well my needs. They replace my unit which is not working in 6 hours and very professional.

On June 2, 2005 my air conditioner failed and I called First American for service. A company named Hartford Services responded immediately and came out for an inspection. The air-handling unit was 28 years old and was deemed not fit to be repaired by everyone. The Hartford service crew, Mitch and Harry were knowledgeable and efficient in their assessment and advice. We elected to pay the additional cost and have the entire system replaced because of the age of the equipment. Both Mitch and Harry of Hartford did everything they could to make the replacement of the old unit as smooth as possible. Their workers were polite and clean while in the home. The repairs were completed in a few hours, not days like most companies do. I am completely satisfied with both the service and equipment supplied. Dealing with service companies like Hartford is a win/win situation for everyone.

William F. Fulshear
Great Experience – Very Knowledgeable (Bill Means)

Flo B.
We are extremely pleased with Hartford Services and recommend them highly. We just had our furnaces and air conditioners replaced (our home is 15 years old now) and we selected Trane equipment. Hartford Services gave us a very reasonable quote, but more importantly they were perfectionists at installing our equipment. They truly go the “extra” mile” to ensure the highest quality installation. Extra platform for the condensers to keep them safe from water and debris, access panels in the equipment for easy maintenance, replacing duct work and pipes wherever necessary, and taking care of our furniture and home while they worked. They offer all major brands, though we chose Trane equipment. They also install Goodman, Amana, Carrier, Trane, and I am sure there are others. They also have a licensed plumber and electrician for additional services. Mitch and Harry were very professional, and their install team led by Manny was polite and professional – completing the job in under two days (2 furnaces, 2 a/c units).

Loan M.
When my husband was asking around for referrals to evaluate our a/c’s, he got great referrals for Hartford Services… they specialize in heating-Air Conditioning-HVAC…They came to our house, check both a/c units, conducted an efficiency study, add Freon as necessary, and checked the air distribution. Reliable, trustworthy, reasonable, and experienced in their field. We won’t go to anyone else now.

George H.
The service tech was very knowledgeable in the Trane product. He pointed out the poor workmanship of the company that installed the previous system in my home. The workers arrived at approx 10:00 am removed the old system and installed a completely new Trane air conditioning and heating unit in one day. My home was kept clean during the course of the day and a complete clean up was done. I would recommend the Hartford Company to my neighbors and friends.

Rick & Babs M
Thank you so much for the great work you and your team of professionals did for us and our home.

Dr. Wayne B.
Hartford Services in Houston provided exceptional service and value. Their service tech, Howard, did more to insure my satisfaction and repeat business than all the ad & testimonials could ever have. Howard was without a doubt the most customer focused representative I have every encountered. Howard’s behavior, knowledge, & commitment to customer satisfaction should be the standard for anyone interacting with the public. My sincere thanks to him!

Jawaid I.
Hartford Air Conditioning – outstanding. Knows his stuff and applied to the job. Works like a doctor – plastic slip for the shoes. Outstanding.

Julie W.
Hartford Services Inc. here in Sugar Land does top work…t hey have serviced our ac/heat for 6 years and just put in a brand new ac for us yesterday… as ours decided to finally die 2 weeks ago when we almost hit the first 100 degree mark.

Patrick O.
We value Hartford services and their opinions and will always use them for all our heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical needs. We are thrilled with the recommendation of our new unit and look forward to utilizing their knowledge and expertise as we replace there more existing units in the near future.

Celia T.
Hartford took the time to address our concerns and provided the education we requested (on AC/Heating system). Therefore, we could make an educated decision regarding what the best option was to meet our AC/heating goals. They worked with us on the price. Never pushy. Followed through The technicians were professional, courteous, and met our special need (to ensure the front door was always closed, even though they had to use it at 100 times). Wonderful team. Hartford followed up. It was a very pleasant experience from start to end.

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