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Tankless Water Heater Installation in Houston

Ever run of out hot water? Tankless water heaters are an efficient alternative to traditional gas or electric power water heaters. No matter how many showers, dishwashers or washing machines you have running, with a tankless water heater you’ll always have hot water on demand. This option is especially preferable for large families, where whirlpool bathtubs, consecutive showers and wash loads are the norm.

Tankless water heaters contribute to lower utility bills by using 10-20% less gas. In addition to saving gas, they save space. The smaller compact designs can be placed in rooms other than an attic, basement or utility closet.

Hartford Services specializes in tankless water heater installation, service and repair. We service a variety of brands and offer installation options if you’d like to trade your old traditional tank water heater for an energy-efficient tankless heater.

For more information on tankless water heater repairs and installation, contact us today!

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